Sierra Jail Ministries

Serving our Inmate Population

Why we serve California inmates, and who we are

Why We Serve

We believe in helping people lead independent, productive lives; our faith tells us that every population deserves to have basic needs met, including those in jail or prison.

We believe it is our duty to serve the under-served population called “inmates”; we also believe the evidence that shows that inmates who receive moral and spiritual support, have a LOWER RECIDIVISM rate than those who do not.

We believe in the power of the gospel, or “good news” of spiritual forgiveness and healing, to change lives, therefore increasing inmates’ peace and stability, even BEFORE release.

Who We Are

We are a team of Christian volunteers, who gladly offer our time, energy and the resources of this ministry to:

  • Counsel inmates one-on-one
  • Conduct group sessions to build inmates’ encouragement and faith
  • Build coping skills while incarcerated
  • Plan for the pressures they will face after being released
  • Help them assimilate back into mainstream society
  • Build spiritual disciplines for inmates who desire them
  • When possible, provide basic supplies they will need, e.g., transportation, clothing, hygiene, Bibles, blankets, sleeping bags, etc.
  • We treat inmates of all backgrounds with equal respect and consideration

Convenient One-Time or Recurring Donations

Sierra Jail Ministries, inc

A 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization

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